The weekend

I have been multitasking, primarily looking after my two boys but managed to fit in some design work and some making. Continuing to experiment with small samples and new ideas. I bought some new fabric on Friday which generally makes me want to use them for something. Also been tempted by some new fabric remnant packs which are on the way in the post, so eager to see what arrives!I Have come up with a simple cat shape, still keen to include some text….

Also a new owl with long legs….

Have a pile of bird shapes cut out and ready to make purses etc, again trying to simplify my shapes!

I have followed lots of designers and makers on Facebook over the years so again keen to get my name out there, reached a 100 likes at the weekend, although it appears the free marketing on Facebook may be over, noticed a lot of the business pages are complaining that their updates and posts are not being seen, I think Facebook are controlling a big percentage of what is seen and are encouraging paid advertising, which I guess was bound to happen. Anyway I will still use, also now on twitter and instagram so these will also help raise my profile!

Lastly (sorry I'm rambling…) I inherited a lovely tea set from my Grandma, who sadly i never met, but still nice to have something as by way of remembering her. It is lovely pale yellow and green design with very delicate cups. I think it looks like art deco not exactly sure when it dates back to?