Pages from my sketchbook

I am managing to keep up with my book, I have no real theme for what I draw, sometimes a page in a magazine inspires me or images on pinterest. I started a board on vintage tins, I love the old typography and packaging, I did some quite quick line studies with a naive approach and added some hints of colour with fineliners.

I would love to try and do some screen printing using imagery like this, I did a course last summer with Print Garage at Unit Twelve , I learnt the basics of a three colour print and it was really interesting to see how relatively easily it is to set up the equipment at home. Unit twelve is based in Staffordshire and run by Textile artist Jennifer Collier, it is a really inspirational place, I have visited twice, once with a group of students for a workshop and then again for the screen printing course. She runs ongoing exhibitions, at present she is showcasing some of her work, ranging from sewing machines made of paper to sheds and household objects all crafted from found paper.

Images from Unit twelve Gallery - Jennifer Collier

A few last bits from my book - first of which is imagery I seem to return to frequently, kitchen inspired line drawings and then to follow some coloured line typography and pattern.