2014 - my blog

So it's the last day of 2014 and I've escaped for an hour or so to put together a final post for this year. I started my blog in February after reading so many inspiring blogs of like minded designers/illustrators. I really enjoy the randomness of what I post and I like the fact there are no restrictions with subject matter, media etc. It has become a great way to meet other designers through various other social media sites and also to get my work seen by others. I have been designing freelance for over 10 years and for so long had admired other peoples work but felt I was totally anonymous so by using this I have been able to showcase my work and fortunately it has led to lots of exciting new design work and commissions. I hope I continue to develop my work in 2015, my youngest son starts school in 2015 so i will finally have more time to dedicate to my work!

So this really shows the random nature of my blog -from cats to typewriters to vikings, birds, telephone boxes -here is a little montage - thanks so much for reading and enjoy tonight! Xxx.