Just escaped to my screen for half an hour - today I wrote a list of all the things I would realistically like to do this year with my work. One thing that I need to do soon is open an online shop, i would love to sell some prints, some of my mixed media collage work and maybe some handmade items, now I realise I'm being fairly ambitious to think that this will happen overnight, but if I start with a few things then I can expand my range.

All the work i do in my sketchbook generally is when I can find a spare half hour in the evening after putting the boys to bed, and I'd like that those ideas form part of some things i sell. I faffed a bit tonight, scanned in some of the pages and created another pattern alike to what I did yesterday and I think these repeated patterns would work great printed on fabric or for maybe wrapping paper. So the (not so grand plan) begins - I need to aim to get things going and get started in amongst all my other work and just day today stuff, watch this space! Also hopefully soon i will have a proper website which should be great and will give me more space to show my portfolio. Blimey I've never written so much for a post before, normally its just a line and the imagery does the talking ….

Here is the pattern from my paper collages x.