Day 3 promt for March meet the maker is time.....

Time for me has been a big deal during my freelance career, when my children were young and I was working part time I often really struggled for time and would work till midnight when they went to sleep. Over the years as they have got older i've got more 'time' freedom.

My weeks vary greatly now - sometimes stupidly busy and I have to really organise my time - and not panic and stare at my screen and not know were to start - i'm the worst at overthinking!

Sometimes its about how you manage your time - I find when I do have time its a good opportunity to just be creative - do work you want to do - set yourself off on a new personal project - do something different - collage - paint etc.

Working from home can be a real positive - but you have to be careful that people don't assume that just because you are at home that you are not really working! Distraction is everywhere - online shopping - scrolling through instagram - housework etc etc.

Also it's knowing when to stop and walk away from your screen and have a glass of wine xx