Day 2 - All about you -

Day 2 - march meet the maker

All about you...
For today's post I had to find a half decent picture of myself, I don't show my face here very often!

always find it really difficult to talk about myself - so here goes!
I split my time between being a busy mum, an illustrator, a taxi service, cleaner and chef (I'm not a good chef and hate ironing)

I have worked in the industry now for 20 years and have been really lucky to work on some fab projects. I left university and went straight into freelancing - initially I worked designing patterns for childrens interiors - so bedding etc. 

My work is so diverse now, but the main focus is children's book illustration - which was always something I wanted to do.

Spring is my favourite time of the year, I like chocolate, cat's and plants.
Nice to meet you :)