Scrapbook (Page 27)


May 7th 2015

A fun print to match my london illustration!


May 6th 2015

I did a london illustration last year which I've had loads of great feedback about (it's still my intention to get some prints up for sale, but yet to find time...) I decided to revisit it with a diff…


May 4th 2015

Say cheese...... new camera print! x

Cacti print

May 3rd 2015

I think you could only get away with wearing this print if you were 10 or below? Must go lots of work to do for Surtex! ...

Umbrella's and sunshine

May 2nd 2015

An appropriate print for this time of year, just hope the sunshine re appears soon x

Summer dresses

May 1st 2015

I had a bit of time so thought I'd mock up some of my prints on summer dresses, would be great to get some of these on fabric one day! Also made a new pattern, has a bit of a retro feel to it, simple…


May 1st 2015

Time is flying by as usual, I've got lots of work projects on at the moment hopefully I can share some soon. Happy 1st May!


April 25th 2015

I always admire really simple geometric patterns, particularly on stationary. I have been experimenting some more with patterns and shapes and created a new pattern x

Transport pattern

April 23rd 2015

Think this would make great boys wrapping paper, lots of trucks and cars and buses x

Random mix

April 22nd 2015

I was looking through some folders on my computer and began to mix together some collage, illustration, line drawings, pattern etc and created this montage.... the subject matter is varied! x

Pattern play

April 21st 2015

I spent a bit of time cutting up some remnant pieces of paper and created some simple geometric shapes and stylised florals. Then experimented and created some little patterns x

Quiet Sunday morning

April 19th 2015

Took advantage of a bit of spare time this morning before the boys arrived back from a sleepover. I did some more quick plant pots inspired by spiky cacti and a few abstract ones too x

Cars, trucks, transport

April 15th 2015

This was inspired by my youngest son's love of transport, he particularly likes cranes, post vans and tractors! (none of which feature but they all have wheels...)


April 13th 2015

I realise my works jumps from one theme to the next, I just do what inspires me if and when i get the chance. Tonight its cacti and succulents, they seem to feature a lot at the moment in design and i…

My birds

April 13th 2015

I have been using bright summery colours recently so I returned to more neutral muted tones whilst doing these birds x

Children's drawings

April 12th 2015

I was doing some work over the weekend and my eldest son asked to join in, he did some great drawings of birds and added some collage bits, I loved the way they turned out, I really like the naive app…


April 9th 2015

It's all about the sunshine at the moment x