Scrapbook (Page 28)

Leftover bits

April 8th 2015

My desk is always a mess, but a good mess.

Spring has sprung

April 7th 2015

Spring has most definitely arrived, sunshine again today, cheated a bit with this illustration and mixed up lots of bits from previous posts x

Sunny spring

April 6th 2015

What a nice weekend, really sunny and on a bank holiday too - bonus! It has inspired some bright fun summery ideas using some fruit shapes x


April 4th 2015

The title of this post is misleading as it really doesn't include any work of mine relating to chocolate - however it is relevant as tomorrow more than likely my boys will get a million easter eggs an…


March 30th 2015

Happy monday!

Spring chickens

March 29th 2015

An extra hour of daylight today couldn't come soon enough! A pair of spring chickens to be seasonal x

Chicken pattern

March 29th 2015

And there had to be a pattern to match the chickens x


March 28th 2015

I made myself lots of papers this week, hand painted patterns and some colour washed backgrounds, then used them to do these...


March 25th 2015

Another bear like character this evening x

Instagram ideas

March 23rd 2015

I find instagram - (see link to my page on the right) - a great place to share quick ideas. As my time is generally restricted i find it a good place to show snapshots of my sketchbook, mainly my coll…

Fox in denim

March 23rd 2015

Just sharing a fox in denim today x


March 21st 2015

I'm not sure when the official start of spring is but its round a bout now i think! The start of spring inspired this embroidered illustration x


March 20th 2015

I noticed a big increase in views this weeks thanks to a feature on Illustration Friday, which is a lovely blog which showcases lots of great Illustrators, so really nice to have my work on there. The…

More pattern

March 16th 2015

I grabbed a bit of time to do some more pattern based ideas with some of the flower stems from yesterday - this time some linear stems in rows x

Cat mix

March 16th 2015

A mix of cats and flowers for a monday morning x

More flowers

March 15th 2015

So I continued to experiment with all the flowers and pot plants of recent weeks, think these could make good ideas for cards x

Sunday floral

March 15th 2015

It seems apt for flowers to feature on Mothers Day, so here is a pattern from some simple collage paper flower stems x


March 5th 2015

Where did this week go? I seemed to of lost a week in amongst, school, children, work etc... Found a bit of time tonight to experiment with an alphabet idea that was suggested to me, I have lots of va…