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March 9th 2020

Day 7 - You


March 3rd 2020

Day 3 promt for March meet the maker is time.....

March meet the maker

March 2nd 2020

I have decided to take part in "March meet the maker" - which is an instagram challenge for all creatives to tell you story - with daily prompts.

Spring baby range

February 28th 2020

I loved working on this collection, and i've just seen it's now online over at Mac and Moon

Lions are my most favourite thing to draw

February 25th 2020

Love drawing Lions, always lots of ways to vary their faces too. I have done these in procreate, which is a great way to do fairly quick textured drawings, I find even the basic brushes really good!

Cat Friday

February 21st 2020

As a tribute to my favourite animals - cats, cats and more cats .............

A walk in the park

February 20th 2020

I do feel for all the british dog walkers who are having to brave this wet, windy, generally naff weather we have currently...........

Drawing whilst watching the telly

February 17th 2020

I'm not very good at sitting and watching the t.v and doing nothing (aside from drinking wine - i'm quite good at that) . This is where the I pad comes in handy - you can watch, draw and drink wine :)

Quick sketchy pattern

February 12th 2020

I don't really use photoshop anymore as I much prefer Illustrator. But I do really like the brushes and the ease of drawing in photoshop - I drew these sketchy birds and made a pattern :)

H e l l o

February 12th 2020

Just a quick hello - photo featuring one of my cards from my card range which is available to retailers wholesale x

Still a plant lady

February 8th 2020

I always get sidetracked when I go shopping. Regardless of what i'm shopping for I normally come home with a plant.

Baby patterns

February 8th 2020

I sold a design to The Sleep Store, an online baby store based in New Zealand a while back and have spotted the collection they have made with the print, including baby organic sleep bags, bed linen a…


January 31st 2020

So pleased it's the last day of January! Hopefully these birds will brighten your day x

Black and white

January 30th 2020

Sometimes it's really nice just to work in simple black and white :)

Distinct lack of food

January 17th 2020

This was inspired by opening my fridge and realising that beer, carrots, some jam and milk probably won't make a great dinner??