Scrapbook (Page 30)


March 21st 2015

I'm not sure when the official start of spring is but its round a bout now i think! The start of spring inspired this embroidered illustration x


March 20th 2015

I noticed a big increase in views this weeks thanks to a feature on Illustration Friday, which is a lovely blog which showcases lots of great Illustrators, so really nice to have my work on there. The…

More pattern

March 16th 2015

I grabbed a bit of time to do some more pattern based ideas with some of the flower stems from yesterday - this time some linear stems in rows x

Cat mix

March 16th 2015

A mix of cats and flowers for a monday morning x

More flowers

March 15th 2015

So I continued to experiment with all the flowers and pot plants of recent weeks, think these could make good ideas for cards x

Sunday floral

March 15th 2015

It seems apt for flowers to feature on Mothers Day, so here is a pattern from some simple collage paper flower stems x


March 5th 2015

Where did this week go? I seemed to of lost a week in amongst, school, children, work etc... Found a bit of time tonight to experiment with an alphabet idea that was suggested to me, I have lots of va…


March 2nd 2015

Most people aren't a fan of Mondays - not me, love mondays.

Last day of feb

February 28th 2015

Its all been about the flowers on my blog this month x

Colour study

February 27th 2015

Some more of my combined collage and colours x


February 27th 2015

I love muted colours and don't often get chance to use them. I worked on altering the colours in this collage and created a simple repeat with subtle changes in colours. I remember during my degree do…


February 23rd 2015

I have mixed up some of my recent fabric swatches and some of my new collage flowers and created this new pattern x

College days

February 18th 2015

I often think I would love to go back and do another degree, or even just another course where I could just do experimental work and try out new techniques. I think the best year I did was my art foun…

Productive day

February 17th 2015

So in stark contrast to yesterday my creative brain turned up today. I got loads of freelance work done and managed to find time to do these. Still really like working with mixed media, so these are p…

Creative block

February 16th 2015

Some days no matter what you try, it just doesn't happen, today has been one of those days. I started things, re started them, started something new, changed the process, changed the media, looked for…

On location

February 15th 2015

We went for a walk today, up in the hills with blue skies and fresh air. The boys legged it round, climbed a few hills and ran off some energy. Good start to the day, even one of my collages made it t…

Day trip

February 15th 2015

Decided to send some of the rest of them out for a trip to the countryside...

End of the week

February 13th 2015

Sometimes Fridays take a long time to appear and this week it took a while, but its here - roll on the weekend .....

Mix up

February 13th 2015

I quite like the process of scanning in my paper based work and experimenting with different outcomes, nice to start fusing my subject matter together x