Scrapbook (Page 31)

In between Christmas and new year

December 28th 2014

I am in that kind of strange time where christmas is done and we are waiting for new year. Spent the day finding space for all the new christmas toys my children got and ended up clearing up my desk i…


December 27th 2014

I felt the need to do something that has no link to christmas - so to continue my animal faces from earlier this year here is some more x

Advent 2014

December 24th 2014

Managed to find time to to put all the images together - now to enjoy christmas! x

Day 23

December 24th 2014

Didn't quite make it for day 23, spent the whole evening wrapping presents, every year i say I should be more organised and I fail .. anyway here is day 23 - 10 minutes after midnight so technically c…

Day 24

December 24th 2014

Finally made it to Christmas Eve - have a brilliant christmas hope you have enjoyed my advent!

Day 22

December 22nd 2014

The Christmas eating and drinking has started!

Day 21

December 21st 2014

Living in a household full of boys we don't have many girly things - just cars, lego, football boots etc etc. My sons were with me whilst I was doing this as a bit last minute this morning and they sa…

Day 20

December 20th 2014

A red nosed reindeer for day 20 ..x

Day 19

December 19th 2014

Where did December go...? I have so much to do in the next few days not sure where to start! Day 19 a Bear ready to party! x

Day 18

December 18th 2014

Just a a week to go till Christmas day! My advent illustrations seem to now be following a format of a wreath frame, think I will now stick to this ...x Borrowed a fox from one of my scandinavian desi…

Day 17

December 17th 2014

A panda for day 17 .... x

Day 16

December 16th 2014

It says it with words today and a few borrowed bits from previous days ! x

Day 15

December 15th 2014

The tree is now up at home, officially christmas starts when the tree makes an appearance.... Day 15 x

Day 14

December 14th 2014

A penguin for day 14 x

Day 13

December 13th 2014

A couple of owls for day 13.. x

Day 12

December 12th 2014

Half way - phew... Day 12 x

Day 11

December 11th 2014

A winter village for day 11...

Day 10

December 10th 2014

Double figures today and a christmas jumper wearing bear ..x

Day 9

December 9th 2014

A festive fox for day 9 ...