Scrapbook (Page 33)

Making some changes

October 13th 2014

I have decided that I am going to change my blog name - I used Vanilla Stitch as I used to make handmade textiles items, whilst this is something I still enjoy doing I feel since I have started to bui…

New characters

October 8th 2014

I sketched a series of animal faces recently and have since added some new faces - then experimented with them all together in a big group - i'm thinking these could work as prints for childrens rooms…


September 23rd 2014

Monday mornings

September 22nd 2014

I am not a morning person, this morning in particular was chaotic, my eldest got up late - he never gets up late, then I couldn't find shoes, a lunchbox or my keys, subsequently the morning descended…

Ginger and grey

September 19th 2014

I posted a few months ago about a couple of cats that live near me and seem to use my front drive as their meeting place. They are an intriguing pair who both look annoyed, a bit disheveled and in nee…


August 13th 2014

Slight absence from me recently, we have just got back from 2 weeks away in the sun, we had a great time - but straight back to reality and about 6 loads of washing to do - post holiday blues are now…

Flip flops

July 24th 2014

This weather is definitely flip flop weather, if I can I try to wear flip flops till at least October...

A grumpy cat

July 23rd 2014

Recently I have noticed a big ginger cat is often sat outside my house and is often sat outside of the window close to where I work, he clearly is grumpy, he kind of stares then does a runner, he also…


July 22nd 2014

Apparently so i'm told in the designer world, Pandas are the new Owls, just thought I'd share....