Scrapbook (Page 36)


April 9th 2014

I'm often inspired by techniques I teach at work, one of which I've always been fond of is Lino printing. I remember first Lino printing during my art foundation course years ago, had a bit of a go th…


April 6th 2014

It seems a reoccurring theme is emerging, had a number of ideas relating to some sketches I did of birds. Also had a mention on a few blogs over the last few days - nice to get some comments about my…

A bit of progress

March 30th 2014

Managed to get some things on the way to be made, cut out lots in the last few days and got some things ready to put together - here is where my mum comes in, she is the one who does all the complicat…

The weekend

March 24th 2014

I have been multitasking, primarily looking after my two boys but managed to fit in some design work and some making. Continuing to experiment with small samples and new ideas. I bought some new fabri…

Busy day

March 19th 2014

Had a productive day, firstly I received a couple of packs of off cut fabrics from Umbrella Prints which is a textile company based in Australia that sell really lovely printed fabrics. For several ye…

Trying out new ideas

March 17th 2014

Received some new fabric samples from littelteawagon, always nice to work with new colours and new patterns. I'm not normally a fan of yellow but actually quite liking the yellow, got some new ideas f…


March 12th 2014

Had a productive day stitching some new ideas and making some new stock, would like to include some text within my work so have been experimenting with free motion stitching so I can easily control so…

Blue skies

March 10th 2014

Spring feels like it is here, noting the blue skies I captured yesterday. Working on my surface pattern designs today but also have started to collate some of my stitched work together in some montage…

I'd like a cat,

March 7th 2014

I grew up with cats, would love a cat, a stripy one in preference, just one small fluffy cat would do........


March 5th 2014

My son seems to be getting more and more homework, most of which requires a lot of help... from me. He had to keep a food diary and decorate it with drawings of thing he had eaten. So I was helping hi…


March 3rd 2014

Nice to see the start of the March, particularly after the wet soggy winter we have just had! Just a few weeks to go till the clocks go forward meaning lighter evenings which I love as generally I wor…


March 1st 2014

Owls seem to of been a constant theme in surface pattern and kids design for a number of years now. I never tire of drawing owls and they continue to be a feature of both my Illustrations and stitched…


February 28th 2014

Noting a theme of kitchen based items is occurring so thought they could work together in a pattern


February 28th 2014

I think the mugs in our house multiply, I find them everywhere, normally with half a cup of cold unfinished tea, of which I leave because I have a million other things to do, well perhaps not a millio…


February 28th 2014

Have recently set up a Instagram account, see link to the side. Again I find it an inspiring place to look and see what everyone captures through simple filtered pictures, and a nice way of recording…

Need to get making

February 27th 2014

It is my aim this year to get a little shop open, I have a few bits of my handmade items left over from the christmas markets I did, but now need to re stock and start with some new ideas....


February 26th 2014

I have had these sketches for ages they were some ideas for some fabric appliques, so scanned them in, recoloured and created a simple all over pattern

Sunny Wednesday

February 26th 2014

The sun is out and I'm designing florals for Spring 2015...happy Wednesday

Button pattern

February 26th 2014

Lined up my button sketch and made a simple pattern!