Scrapbook (Page 4)

Being a freelancer

May 2nd 2019

I love my job. I like the fact the jobs I get are so different.


May 2nd 2019

Sometimes my creative brain surprises me -

The great outdoors

April 20th 2019

Looks like we got very lucky with the weather for the bank holiday! So nice to be outside after months of hibernating :)

Beep beep

April 12th 2019

Next stop ----------------- the weekend!!


April 9th 2019

I have quite a big collection of house plants - some are super easy to keep alive - others not so much :(

British wildlife

April 4th 2019

Next up in my series of illustrated posters is british wildlife :))

Illustrated guide to under the sea

April 2nd 2019

Had a bit of an idea yesterday - I have that many collections of animals I thought I'd start to collate them together in little illustrated posters. I have a list of ideas to do :))

Words and pictures

April 1st 2019

Mixing up words and pictures, really should get my head round a whole illustrated alphabet soon :)


March 28th 2019

I am very fond of collage - and I


March 21st 2019

I moved into a new house before christmas - it has blank white walls in every room. In a quest to get some art on the walls I started searching for some prints, but couldn't really find anything I lik…

Weather update

March 12th 2019

Just incase you are not a Uk resident - todays weather is wet. Lots of rain. Puddles and lakes emerging on all roads. Grab a brolly. Save yourself :)

Wind, rain, sleet, snow, more wind

March 11th 2019

Yesterday it was one of those days where every crap bit of weather came at the same time. Sideways rain, some sleet (and snow) what felt like 100 mph wind - it was generally rubbish. I'm done with the…