Scrapbook (Page 7)


October 15th 2018

Weekends are always manic - a mix of football, rugby, cleaning, washing, refereeing fights between my two boys etc.

New website!

October 13th 2018

Finally got around to sorting out my website - the brilliant Frank and Fox put everything together for me - think it looks great. Thanks to all those people who have enquired over the last few months…

New branding ideas

August 24th 2018

Finally starting to think about new branding for a new website which I am planning - watch this space.....

Fabric collection

July 16th 2018

I worked on a fabric collection last year with Fabric Editions - featuring lots of safari animals and fun bright patterns - see more here !


May 14th 2018

How cool would it be to be 7 again and just go rollerskating??...


May 10th 2018