Scrapbook (Page 35)

Waiting for my scanner

May 8th 2014

Sometimes my scanner has a mind of its own and decides to make me wait, so whilst it was doing its thing I did this ...


May 7th 2014

Busy with lots of things at the moment, trying to give as much as I can to my freelance work. Have a pile of things on my desk to finish - did squeeze in a bit of time t0 create these though, enjoy ju…


May 5th 2014

Another bank holiday weekend here so we went away for a short break - the weather wasn't that summery but still nice to be away and by the sea. I did a simple page of text and line sketches which I ha…


April 30th 2014

I try to always have a sketchbook or at least a stack of paper so I can always be getting ideas on paper even if it is just a handful of line sketches - quite often these can turn into an idea. Workin…

Little great northern contemporary craft fair

April 27th 2014

Visited the Little Great Northern contemporary Craft Fair today, I have been to these smaller events before and they are always really inspiring. They are smaller spin off events from the main event w…

No time

April 26th 2014

Time at the moment is just flying by, and annoyingly the one thing that is suffering is my work. Has just been easter so children around for 2 weeks - hardly get anything productive done, busy at work…

Weekend away

April 23rd 2014

Had a lovely bank holiday weekend in Wales - lots of sun and trips to the beach! Took some photos along the way and collected some lovely wild flowers stems which I hope to use for some ideas.


April 14th 2014

A new batch of my purses are finished - can't take the credit for the making of them my mum has done all the hard work, I just do the decorative bit!

A small illustration

April 11th 2014

Just a small illustration, folk inspired, really like symmetrical designs - I have used the bird from my lino prints, would like to do more of these..

A mix

April 9th 2014

Mixed together some of the patterns and illustrations that have featured on here so far and came up with this - inspired by the illustration from my sketches I posted earlier ...


April 9th 2014

I'm often inspired by techniques I teach at work, one of which I've always been fond of is Lino printing. I remember first Lino printing during my art foundation course years ago, had a bit of a go th…


April 6th 2014

It seems a reoccurring theme is emerging, had a number of ideas relating to some sketches I did of birds. Also had a mention on a few blogs over the last few days - nice to get some comments about my…

A bit of progress

March 30th 2014

Managed to get some things on the way to be made, cut out lots in the last few days and got some things ready to put together - here is where my mum comes in, she is the one who does all the complicat…

The weekend

March 24th 2014

I have been multitasking, primarily looking after my two boys but managed to fit in some design work and some making. Continuing to experiment with small samples and new ideas. I bought some new fabri…

Busy day

March 19th 2014

Had a productive day, firstly I received a couple of packs of off cut fabrics from Umbrella Prints which is a textile company based in Australia that sell really lovely printed fabrics. For several ye…

Trying out new ideas

March 17th 2014

Received some new fabric samples from littelteawagon, always nice to work with new colours and new patterns. I'm not normally a fan of yellow but actually quite liking the yellow, got some new ideas f…


March 12th 2014

Had a productive day stitching some new ideas and making some new stock, would like to include some text within my work so have been experimenting with free motion stitching so I can easily control so…

Blue skies

March 10th 2014

Spring feels like it is here, noting the blue skies I captured yesterday. Working on my surface pattern designs today but also have started to collate some of my stitched work together in some montage…

I'd like a cat,

March 7th 2014

I grew up with cats, would love a cat, a stripy one in preference, just one small fluffy cat would do........


March 5th 2014

My son seems to be getting more and more homework, most of which requires a lot of help... from me. He had to keep a food diary and decorate it with drawings of thing he had eaten. So I was helping hi…