Scrapbook (Page 5)

Evening drawings

February 18th 2019

Enjoying a bit of i pad evening drawing at the moment :)


February 12th 2019

Last night whilst watching the tv I scribbled these houses. Then this morning I made a pattern, which I think would actually make really cool wallpaper? :)

Garden birds

February 7th 2019

I'm working on a bit of a personal project at the moment which is nice - I always do bits and pieces of my own work in amongst client work, I find it really helps to do what I want with no direction e…

Two random blokes

January 28th 2019

Sometimes on a monday (particularly before midday) my brain just doesn't engage - and that just generally leads to far too much time looking at nice stuff on the internet, like jumpers I don't need an…

Back to basics

January 26th 2019

Always nice to just go and use straight forward paper to create simple paper animals x


January 18th 2019

I'm always drawn to underwater creatures - I think its all the shapes and colours :)

2019 - year of the pig

January 7th 2019

So apparently it's the year of the pig - so I drew some farmyard friends to join them :)

Dreaming of all things tropical

January 7th 2019

It's January, that time of year where I want to book a holiday and fly off to a tropical island somewhere, where flamingoes stroll past and the bar is open .........