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December - moving house - Christmas - chaos!

December 10th 2018

Well I've barely sat down for a week, unpacked what feels like 100's of boxes, managed to get a tree up and have finally unpacked all my work desk things so I am now officially back to work!


December 1st 2018

Band member no 3.

Naff week

November 30th 2018

Had a bit of a rubbish week - was supposed to be moving - it got delayed at the the last minute. Living out of boxes. Plus been ill - so all in all not the best!


November 30th 2018

Band member no 2.


November 27th 2018

My own baby wear range!!! ....... Very exciting!

November 25th 2018

For the last few years I have been working with Kanopy baby in Atlanta and my favourite designer pal Dawn Machell to launch our own baby wear ranges! My range is called Sunny and Sal and is mainly at…

Moving house

November 22nd 2018

Tomorrow is moving day, cannot believe how much stuff I have!


November 8th 2018

feeling very autumnal x

New cats

October 29th 2018

Scribbly procreate cat and a cat on a chair x

Stationary collection

October 24th 2018

I worked on a range of painted characters for Clintons, which they turned into a really nice set of stationary and accessories, nice to spot my work out there in the shops! :)

Baby cloth books

October 24th 2018

I Illustrated 2 baby cloth books for Elephant and Bird, they have turned out lovely :) Nice to see how digital design works on fabric, one was the shape of an elephant and the other the shape of a wha…

Work project

October 22nd 2018

Last year I worked on a cute design project for a Japanese company called Yimono, they create lovely woven textiles for children. I designed a simple transport print which has been made into a childre…

World map and alphabet wall art

October 22nd 2018

Last year I worked on a set of wall art for a South Korean company called Doo Doo, I produced a world map and an Alphabet - they have also added some cute animations! see below! :)…